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The Sanyas Suite Seminyak- Spa Massage

Each villa is available the massage table and the treatment is inside of the villa. The spa menu is conceived to offer a complete range of Balinese and Asian, provided by our partners

Find detail kinds of the Treatment:


  1. Rama & Shinta( 140 minutes)

Begin with aromatic foot wash, a soothing dry massage on the back followed by relaxing Balinese massage. A body cleansing scrub with natural tropical herbs and spices are applied to remove the dead cells and dirt. It is followed with yogurt poured over the body, a soothing aromatic flower bath with tea served and ends applying the whole body with moisturizing lotion.

  1. Tropical Exotic`Me (120 minutes)

Let our indigenous tropical fruit and spice work wonder on your skin. this body treatment is designed to smoothen and strengthen the skin on your face and body. Green Tea which is well known as anti oxidant are blended to create a truly natural tropical skin experience. Add o a rhythmic style of natural skin workout after a relaxing Balinese massage. Your skin will emit a radiant healthy glow.

  1. Fruit Body Glow(120 minutes)

Traditionally ideal for nourishing and exhilarating the skin. This treatment begins with foot wash, deep pressure dry massage followed by a nourishing avocado exfoliation. After a refreshing shower, enjoy a relaxing Therapeutic massage with flower oil followed by application of scrub made from avocado, providing essential vitamins and minerals.

  1. Balinese Boreh (120 minutes)

A Balinese Treatment to soothe aches and pains, a full body mask made from cloves, chili, rice, pepper, and cinnamon is applied and the body is wrapped in a heater blanket to infuse the therapeutic properties from spices. During the wrap, a pace and head are massages. This treatment finishing with a refreshing shower.


  1. Travel Retreat (90 minutes)

The hours of traveling can leave you  feeling very weary and tired. this treatment will leave the aches behind as you awake refreshed for the day ahead. This treatment begin with dry massage, followed by salt scrub and Aromatherapy massage.

  1. Travel Tonic (125 minutes)

Stretch out and relax with Balinese massage plus brightening Facial Treatment. This treatment is recommended for travelers suffering from muscle tension or others aches and pains. This treatment includes deep pressure dry massage, full body massage and facial treatment to ease fluid retention.


  1. Aromatherapy  (60 minutes)

Essential oil warms the body, release fragrances which positively affect well-being. A special design aromatherapy massage with a series of movement to relax the body and the power of essential oil is harnessed in a range of superbly effective treatment to answer all different physical needs such as relieving stress and muscle aches or improving circulation, rebalance the nervous system.

  1. Balinese Massage (60 minutes)

A soothing integration of various massage style to enhance relaxation, dispel tension and stimulate circulation. Expect  a blend of stretching, long stroke, acupressure and muscle manipulation in warm and slow movement with intention to the entire body. This massage flowing rhythm for an incredible experience.

  1. Reflexology (60 minutes)

Ancient Chinese techniques on the feet effectively relieve stress, improving blood circulation, stimulate nerve endings and promote relaxation. Stress Relief Massage (30/60 minutes) A deep tissue massage that employs age-old Balinese techniques to relieve even the most tension in your body.

  1. Hot Stone (120 minutes)

Enjoy delightful massage that combine the use of traditional techniques with hot stone healing therapy. The handpicked, sedimentary stones are well known generators of positive energy and harmony. Positioned strategically by our therapist on your hands, arms, and feet, the hot stones will improve overall well-being by achieving deep relaxation of the muscles, while also relieving stress and tension.

  1. Herbal (120 minutes)

Inspired by Thai Massage, the yoga massage use passive stretching and gentle pressure along the body’s energy lines to increase flexibility, relieve muscle and joint tension, and balance the body’s energy system. Yoga massage is deeply relaxing yet also uplifting and energizing.

  1. Deep Tissue Massage (90 minutes)

Restore your overall sense of well-being by enjoying a slow unique style of deeply tissue massage. This massage based on cross fiber stroke, kneading, friction and firm pressure with particular emphasis on the joint.

  1. Four Hand (60 minutes)

This is a four-hand massage technique with two therapists working in tandem to gently ease the body into a state of total relaxation, Employing special techniques to revitalize tired muscles and improve blood circulation.


  1. Spicy (60 minutes)

This traditional Balinese body cleansing treatment uses natural Indonesian herbs and spices. Warm and gentle strokes open the skin’s pores and remove dead cells.

  1. Sea Salt Glow (60 minutes)

This is a perfect exfoliation treatment with long stroking movements to cleans the skin and reducing water retention.

  1. Green Tea (60 minutes)

Reap the goodness of the Green Tea scrub specially created from Krisna Spa blend of the skin replenishing activities and gentle jojoba nut granules. This scrub is gently massaged into the skin to remove dead cells and reveal the silky soft skin beneath. Lingers on the skin will leave you feel refreshed and zesty.


  1. Chocolate Mask (60 minutes)

A special sea weed body mask to soothe aches and pains, made from rich green algae is wrapped in a blanket to infuse the therapeutic properties from the seaweed. During the wrap, a pace and head are massages.

  1. Avocado Mask (60 minutes)

Particularly good for sunburn sufferers, this treatment involves a generous application of pureed tropical fruits (avocado) to the entire body, then body is wrapped in a plastic to allow the soothing properties to be absorbed. An uplifting effect lingers on the skin will leave you feel refresh and zesty.

  1. Spicy Mask / Balinese Boreh (60 minutes)

A Balinese Treatment to soothe aches and pains, a full body mask made from cloves, chili, rice, pepper, and cinnamon is applied and the body is wrapped in a heater blanket to infuse the therapeutic properties from spices. During the wrap, a pace and head are massages.


  1. Traditional Facial (60 minutes)

Using natural plans extracts from Indonesia. a brightening scrub is followed by a nourishing facial massage and deep cleansing mask to refresh the skin. This is followed by eye and face moisturizing cream.

  1. Spa Manicure & Pedicure (60 minutes)

Enjoy full manicure and pedicure to groom hand and nails, including exfoliation, filling, shaping of nail, and cuticle treatment with brand name manicure & pedicure products. A relaxing hand and foot massage for refreshing the hand and the feet, to shoe off stunning shine